As this new and exciting journey begins for us, it also begins for you. First, let’s back this story up.

Unfortunately, the year of 2020 started off with a lot of turmoil with the pandemic Covid-19, causing tragic illness and unnecessary and unexpected deaths all over the world. People’s lives have been turned upside down as a result, with recovery numbers becoming larger and sadly with it, the death toll increasing as well. We have had to change our daily routines because of this tragedy, with the upcoming months to show the real story of what an economic disaster this will be for all of us, including the mounting personal and business bankruptcies.

This is where we want to help. People will be looking for great items at cheaper prices more than ever, and we have just the mixed bag of goodies. We bring in pallets from major retailers in Canada & the United States, which the items can be new, used, shelf pulls (new), out-of-box (new), and damaged (repairable & non-repairable). We then post these items up for auction and pledge to you that we will always give 100% transparency on the items condition, which will be noted in the item description. We’ll try to test every item in need of testing, but either way, you will be notified in the description of what was done. We want to keep the items moving at a fast pace, so we’ll make an executive decision on whether or not to post certain items, without or without them being tested. This is where the savings on all items comes to you, from phone chargers, to electronics, to clothing, to toys, we literally will have a full plethora of items to bid on.

In closing, we want everyone 100% happy with their purchase. If there is an issue, question, or concern, please always feel free to contact us here at The Bargain Counter so we can look after you. We will be giving updates on here about a few ideas we have and things that you can look forward to. More to come in the following weeks.

From all of us here at The Bargain Counter, HAPPY BIDDING!

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